You and I Can Help Save America !

America has changed dramatically in my lifetime and in part, her prosperity has been her undoing. As each succeeding generation shared in the expanding bounty of life in America, we have become progressively detached from America’s Foundational Documents and their Ideals.

We have been lulled into a false sense of “Progressive” reality. …We have become complacent in believing, as a nation, we are too big, strong and great to fail and fall from God’s Grace…. We have elected Politian’s who suggest one thing, to get elected and then vote the Party Line, to against your interest.

In fact, America is no stronger than our belief in God, Family and Country. We have fallen away from attending to our God; … we have allowed the sacrament of Marriage and Family to be corrupted and denied, thereby bastardizing our citizens; …we have allowed the corruption of our government, and it will destroy our Country. … When you separate Religious Values from Politics you get Corruption. … It is that simple.

Today America is at a critical cross roads in our history, unlike any other.

Will you vote to, … Continue down our current Progressive/Liberal Political Path to Purgatory, …. or
Will you vote to, return to the strong, Constitutional Foundations of America’s Conservative beginnings?

Your Answer will be your vote in the coming General Election, on November 6th, 2012.

Will you vote to, continue the slide to purgatory by reelecting the current Establishment Candidates, Republican Congressmen Frank LoBiondo and Democratic President Obama? … or
Will you vote to, elect new, honest, courageous, independent men, of character, and conservative Constitutional Values to lead, our America, to economic stability, and social and spiritual regeneration?

I am running for Congress, … to replace Congressman LoBiondo … and I ask for your vote on November 6th.

I will vote to defend you if President Obama gets another term, by voting against increasing the Ceiling on the Debt Limit which Frank LoBiondo has not done.

I will vote in support of a new Republican President, … as long as he supports Our Constitution;… not the Republican or Democratic Party Establishments.

My Oath will be to support and defend the US Constitution, upon which America grew and prospered; I will caucus with the Republican side, … but I will vote to uphold the Constitution, as all of your representative should vote.

Listen to these, “Voices With Out A Vote” –

Investigate¬†my website … … and read about me Charles Lukens and my Positions on Issues, and my Political Philosophy see if I measure up to your standards.

Look for me, when I come to your community and look for your community on my website.

On November 6th., 2012, … Vote for Charles Lukens … in the General Election, and together help Save America. … It is our obligation, … Follow Me, .. . Vote for Charles Lukens on Nov. 6th.

I am doing my part, running for Congress, I need your help, …

Please Do your part and Donate as much as you can, by check, to “Lukens for Congress”, PO Box 2471, Ventnor, NJ. 08406 …

or Donate by “Credit Card” at www.LUKENSFORCONGRESS.COM

May God Bless and Keep You, America and this Candidacy.

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